Who doesn’t love a new project! The dreaming, the planning, the gathering of resources. Regina has started a lot of projects and most of those projects have gone by the wayside. She explains what she has learned by being a serial un-finisher.


The Story – 0:29

I’ve always been able to dream up interesting projects for myself and others. And I’ve thought up some good ones! And some of them even passed the planning phase and moved into actual implementation. And some of them I had a modicum of success with.

And most of them turned out to be ideas that went nowhere.

There were hobbies like jewelry-making and knitting.

There were possible career changes like my time as a Mary Kay® Consultant and personal organizer.

Then there were projects related to my singing and teaching careers like coordinating a young artist workshop and creating a web series to promote my performing.

One of the main reason I like to start projects, is because my left brain loves the planning of them. And when I get to a project that allows me to collaborate with other people, that inspires me even more. Sometimes the completion of the project is not the point. But each unfinished project has served a purpose in my life.

What I Know For Sure – 16:35

Starting projects and not finishing them taught me more than finishing the projects I have finished.

Every project I started had a purpose at the time. Maybe I was looking for a way to make money. Or I was looking to put myself out there and creating a creative venue. Or maybe I was bored. But the one thing I know is that when a project pops into my head and I start to organize it and plan and make it happen, it stimulates my brain in a way that gets me excited. When I am being creative, that is when I am most happy.

But something else that I have learned is that FREEDOM comes in the FOLLOW THROUGH. When you make one choice and follow it through, you finally feel that you are free to move forward. What this knowledge has done for me is allow me to really make choices that bank on my strengths and my passions. I no longer start projects that have nothing to do with my goals and values. And I have also focused on just a few projects than on every project.

Inspiration – 25:55

The big lesson here is that there is always something to learn from anything you do. And that is the biggest wish I have for everyone, is that you find a way to grow. Here is a quote from the fabulous late opera singer, Beverly Sills.

“You may be disappointed if you fail but you are doomed if you don’t try.”

So go out and start a new project! Or keep working on current project! Or finish and old project! Just do something!

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