In this introduction episode of the series, Regina talks about why she decided to start a podcast, what the format of each episode will be and what she hopes to accomplish with it all.


The Story – 0:23

I have been told that I have a great voice for podcasting….OK, I guess I’ll take it. For years I have had well-intentioned people in my life suggest that I do a podcast but it wasn’t until a few weeks ago that I actually decided to jump in and try it.

First of all, I had to ask, “Does anybody really listen to podcasts?” And I found out, why yes, yes they do. Who knew?

Secondly, I asked, “Why would anybody want to listen to me do a podcast?” (cue crippling self-doubt to be explored in a later episode)

And finally, I had to ask, “What would I say in a podcast that is interesting?”

What It’s About/Format – 8:33

My intent with this podcast is to share something about my life and then what that thing taught me. I am a mature woman with a lot of life experience behind me and I know lots of things for sure! And I am hoping that my insights about my own life might be able to enlighten others. And if not, maybe people will just like to hear some interesting stories.

Since I am a left-brainer and I enjoying planning and organization, I going to try to stick to a format for each episode.

First, I will announce my true confession.

Second, I will tell the story about why this confession is significant in my life – personal or professional stories or events.

Third, I will share the “thing I know for sure” with an explanation about what this story or event taught me about myself and if applicable, I will offer some advice on how someone can take my experience to help them through a similar situation.

And finally, everyone loves a good quote! So I will offer some quote or inspiration to give some kind of positive affirmation.

I will talk about my personal life, my career as an opera singer and teacher and even my lifestyle (like the fact that I am addicted to feng shui and self-help books!).

Inspiration – 11:38

“Life isn’t about finding yourself. Life is about creating yourself.” – George Bernard Shaw

I wish you all GREAT CREATIVITY this week and thanks for listening!

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