True Confessions of a Still Fabulous Diva

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With a focus on how to live a better life peppered with some fun story-telling, a former opera singer, current voice teacher and generally fabulous woman of a certain age, Regina Zona has a lot to say! On her own life-long journey to better herself armed with a vivacious personality and healthy addition to self-help books, Regina offers practical advice that everyone can relate to. Each week, she will “confess” something and tell a story about how that confession has applied to her life. Then she will share “what she knows for sure,” sharing what she learned from that event and offering some advice on the subject. Oh, and of course there is a good motivational quote at the end!

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Episode 007 – I Let an Agent Derail My Career

In the Opera World, artists are often forced to deal with people who lack integrity and are only in it for themselves. In this episode, Regina tells a difficult story about her interaction with one of these people and how she learned that it is vitally...

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Episode 006 – I Like to Talk About Myself, TOO

In this ME, ME, ME society, we have seemed to forget that connecting with people, really connecting is vitally important. That starts with engaging conversation. Actually listening to someone and allowing them to speak about themselves and then responding...

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Episode 003 – I am FAT

In this episode, Regina gets real about her life-long struggle with her weight and how she doesn't let her weight define her any longer.   The Story - 0:23 Maybe it’s nicer to say “curvy” or “voluptuous” or “full figured.” But I have fat...

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Episode 002 – I Have Crippling Self-Doubt

Everyone deals with fear to some extent and Regina is no exception. In this episode she discusses how despite the fact that she appears confident, underneath it all self-doubt is a daily struggle.   The Story - 0:27 Maybe my self-doubt...

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